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Be Ready for More Popular Businesses Coming to Gardendale


We learned today that Gardendale has a popular Birmingham restaurant chain coming to Gardendale in 2022. Taco Mama will join the recent addition of Taziki’s in the Brookwood Medical building on Fieldstown.

The pattern we now see as to well established, popular and trendy restaurants opening in Gardendale is a direct result of Gardendale leaders focusing on establishing Gardendale as the medical hub of North Jefferson County.

Hospitals and medical practices opening in Gardendale at a very steady rate have a direct impact on what we now see as heightened development. The “Medical Mile” as city leaders have called the medical hub of activity can’t be overstated as a crucial piece of big development and well-established businesses taking notice of Gardendale.

As this new progress unfolds piece by piece, Gardendale residents won’t see the need to drive to Hoover or other cities to go to a cool and trendy place to eat, because they won’t have to leave Gardendale.

We must continue along the path this new “Medical Mile” has brought us to as to restaurants, but also must have other pieces fall into place, like a Dick’s Sporting Goods or a Belk.

When those types of bigger box retailers move into place within these new developments, like the one where Longhorn Steakhouse and the Olive Garden will open within, that will drive new residents, other types of new businesses and help existing businesses.

It will yield an enviable tax base for a city of Gardendale’s size.

We can now see this beginning to happen. My bet is that it will now begin rolling along much faster than it began.

Well done, Mr. Mayor. Well done.

Anthony Treye Hanner