Gardendale Chick-fil-A Manager Saves The Day for Bragg Soccer Team

If you are a parent of a kid that plays sports, then you know the pre-game meal is important, especially when you are getting ready to travel by bus for an hour from Gardendale to Calera to play.

Several parents ordered food for players on the restaurant’s app and coaches were going to stop by to pick up the orders. Time was short before needing to get on the bus to leave for the game.

As happens with any technology, there was an issue on the mobile order and the order didn’t come through. It happens.

What did one of the managers at Gardendale Chick-fil-A, Dylan, do?

He didn’t hesitate. He jumped right in and provided sandwiches and chips for every player. There was no charge.

That’s first class. That’s Gardendale Chick-fil-A. That kind of caring about kids and parents and the community is a lesson in customer service and leadership.

Well done, Dylan. Well done Gardendale Chick-fil-A.