City of Gardendale Donates to Neighboring Communities

As the City of Gardendale focuses on featuring new equipment, fencing and structures at the redesigned Bill Noble Complex, some of what would have been scrapped has, instead, been donated to surrounding communities.

The older bleachers were donated to Corner for their ballpark.

Goal posts at the youth football field were donated to Hayden so they could start a youth football program.

Much of the fencing was donated to Brookside. Their field was destroyed by a flood 25 years ago and was never reopened for official play. The donation helped them open the field and their kids were able to play their first game on the field in 25 years.

Gardendale has taken a punch or two at times for who “they” think we are. Someone once said that character is about what you do when nobody is looking.

In Gardendale, we help our neighbors when nobody is looking.

Well done to all involved.