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Kingdom Kids Consignment Sale Begins on Friday

by Tara Salters, Contributing Writer

Do your kids go through clothes as fast as mine do?

It seems like kids grow faster every year. My family always needs new play clothes, church clothes, shoes and toys!

I like to think that I have always been a thrifty mom. I’m the kind of mom who always looks for good deals. That’s why I love consignment sales and my favorite consignment sale is this week.

I am sitting on ready to go in and restock, so I can update our closets for Spring and Summer.

My favorite consignment sale is called Kingdom Kids Consignment Sale and it happens twice a year. It’s at Hope Church in Gardendale.

It began in 2008 with 110 sellers and it has now grown to average 400 sellers per event.

You can find gently used children’s clothing, shoes, toys and just about anything you need.

What makes it even more worthwhile for me is that all profits benefit local, national and international missions, and some sellers even donate those items they don’t sell. Those items are then given to local schools, families in need and charities.

If you are a thrifty mom too or just like good deals, check out Kingdom Kids Consignment Sale 3/11 from 8am to 5pm and on 3/12 from 7am to noon.