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City Council Approves 303k to 3 Gardendale Schools

On Tuesday night, the Gardendale City Council passed and approved Resolution 2022-026 which, among other 2022 budget changes, approved the spending of $303,390.30 from the account with funds collected from the 5-mill ad valorem tax approved by Gardendale voters in 2013 to fund a Gardendale School System.

While the attempt at separation failed, the tax has remained in place and now has approximately 2.85 million dollars in the account that is kept separate from other accounts at the City of Gardendale.

The spending approved through this specific resolution, 2022-026, will be used for improvements from everything from playground equipment to parking lot restriping.

Gardendale Elementary School makes up the majority of the 303k, with 283k for new playground equipment.

Below is a listing of how the City of Gardendale will allocate spend to Gardendale High School, Gardendale Elementary School and Snow Rogers Elementary. This is taken from the “Exhibit A” to the resolution passed.

A copy of the resolution and exhibit “A” was supplied, upon request, to The Gardendale News by the City.

Gardendale High School

FBLA Trip to Mobile for State Competition – $620.00

Choral Microphones – $1200.00

Light Boxes for Art Class – $408.30

Total – $2,228.30

Gardendale Elementary School

Robotics Team Trip to World Championship in Dallas Texas – $5180.00

Playground Equipment – $283,000.00

Total – $288,180.00

Snow Rogers Elementary

Safety Surfacing Engineered Wood Fiber for Playground – $8,492.00

300 yards of Zoysia Sod for Courtyard – $1990.00

Parking Lot Restriping in the Front of School – $2500.00

Total – $12,982.00

Total Request: $303,390.30