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Tyler Hannah Helps His Students Build Confidence Through Sports

Tyler Hannah is a PE teacher at Bragg Middle School and coaches basketball, baseball and boys cross country. There is a lot of extra time middle school coaches like Tyler devote to their student-athletes on their teams. What kids learn from playing sports can help them in all areas of life.

Having a coach like Tyler who wants to pour back in to each of them the way his coaches did for him makes it even more special. Tyler Hannah is the kind of coach you want your kids to have.

Treye Hanner: Tell us a little about you and how you decided to become a teacher?

Tyler Hannah: My mother was a teacher at Mount Olive and then became the Principal at Gardendale Elementary.  She really inspired me to become an educator.  I also had some amazing coaches middle school through high school that inspired me.  I still remember everything they taught me whether in the sport or in life and I wanted to be that coach for other kids coming through Bragg.

Treye Hanner: What is your favorite part of being a teacher?

Tyler Hannah: My favorite part of teaching is seeing the students grow from their 6th grade year to their 8th grade year.  It is rewarding for me to see them become more confident either in PE class or in the sport they are playing.

Treye Hanner: Are there special moments where you say to yourself, “this is why I teach?”

Tyler Hannah: As the years go on I have former students I will see either out in the community or they come back to just say hello and seeing them and talking about the memories they have of certain times in PE class makes me say to myself “this is why I teach”.

Treye Hanner: What challenges have you experienced while having to teach through the pandemic?

Tyler Hannah: The biggest challenge during the pandemic was not being able to see the students participating in physical activities or enjoying playing a sports unit during PE.

Treye Hanner: In addition to being a teacher, you also coach several sports. Tell us about the sports you coach and how being a coach has helped shape you as a teacher?

Tyler Hannah: I coach boys cross country, boys basketball, and baseball.  I love the sports I coach.  I grew up playing basketball and baseball and like I said earlier I had some great coaches.  I try to coach the way they coached me but sometimes you have to adjust to your teams.  This has helped me as a teacher by communicating with students and understanding the way they learn.

Treye Hanner: What’s the one thing you would like people to know about teachers?

Tyler Hannah: Teachers work very hard and put in a lot of time and effort at the school and outside of the school.  We try to do the very best for our students and want them to succeed to the highest level.