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Bragg Middle Needs a Major Upgrade. The Gym is a Great Place to Start.

For those in Gardendale and surrounding communities that have visited the Bragg Middle School gym for a sporting event or any event held there, it would not be foreign to hear rumblings of the need for a new gym or a major renovation.

Bragg’s gym isn’t just a place for basketball and volleyball games, it serves as the place for almost all Bragg events, from plays to fundraisers to school programs and assemblies.

It is long overdue for more space and a major upgrade. Much of the current space is underutilized because its design makes it challenging to use.

The Gardendale News was told by a source that this is now a very real possibility. While no final decision has been made, the space between the current gym and one of the school wings, a sizeable grassy area that has picnic tables currently, is being considered for use to upgrade and expand the gym.

That is space better served with a project like this and would be a significant improvement for the students, teachers, staff and the community that come to the facility to see all events.

With a major playground improvement now being made at Gardendale Elementary, including Bragg Middle School in this round of improvements would be a good way to say thank you to the voters in Gardendale who just voted for the Jefferson County School tax for the next 25 years.

Upgrading the Bragg gym would not be throwing more money at sports. It would a significant improvement to the quality of a facility that is utilized by all students and school groups.

School facilities make a statement about a community, rightly or wrongly. A major renovation and addition to the Bragg Middle School gym would be a good investment by JEFCOED in Gardendale.