We Welcome Kathy Caufield to The Gardendale News Family

The area of real estate has been a wild ride the last few years as we have seen record low interest rates, more demand than supply and higher home selling prices due to the supply/demand and buyers having the opportunity to get into higher priced homes for lower mortgage payments due to the much lower interest rates available.

We spent a little time with local real estate agent and expert, Kathy Caufield, to get her thoughts on being a real estate agent today and what she sees for the local housing market as rates rise.

We also welcome Kathy to The Gardendale News family as our new columnist on local real estate buying and selling.

Treye Hanner: Tell our readers a little about you and your journey to working in real estate.

Kathy Caufield: Being a realtor has many rewards, and a major one is the ability to be your own boss with a flexible schedule.  I love being able to spend more time with my family as I can adjust most of my work hours to my availability.  Even though it is demanding at times, it is also extremely rewarding to assist clients through the journey of selling and/or purchasing a home.

Treye Hanner: What has been your approach to working with people buying and selling homes that has helped make you such a success in real estate?

Kathy Caufield: Putting my client’s needs before any other thing is my priority.  I am not only their agent, but I am also their friend, life coach, counselor, and mentor.  Navigating through the real estate world can be an emotional roller coaster and I am here to assist them through it all.

Treye Hanner: The Federal Reserve raised interest rates for a second time last week. Do you see that affecting the housing market locally?

Kathy Caufield: Anytime interest rates rise, you naturally see less people taking out loans and mortgages, thus leading to less people buying homes.  Lately, the demand for homes far outreaches the supply of homes for sale, leading to increases in home value due to the old tale of supply versus demand. With interest rates rising and fewer people taking on new mortgages, that leads to fewer homebuyers overall, which should lead to home values returning to a “normal” price range and ease the housing affordability crisis.  This will certainly be advantageous, especially to first time home buyers, who as of recent, have been unable to compete with investors and “deeper pocketed” buyers who are submitting offers way over list price.

Treye Hanner: How is inventory for homes in the North Jefferson market?

Kathy Caufield: The market is doing very well in our city. The total number of homes sold is slightly down at 4% from this time last year, however, the average sale price is up 13%.

Treye Hanner: Starting in May, you will have your own column in The Gardendale News. With your skill and knowledge of real estate, what can our readers expect to read about in your column each week?

Kathy Caufield: I hope to provide tidbits of information that will help our readers in selling and purchasing a home, as well as a better understanding in the ever-changing market.