The Gardendale News Adds Insurance & Roofing Expert Jody Jones as Home Services Columnist

When we decided that we would like to add an expert on roofing as a columnist, I immediately thought of Jody Jones, one of the owners of Extreme Roofing & Construction. Jody lives in Gardendale and has deep experience in both insurance and roofing which gives him a solid perspective to answer roofing questions our readers may have.

Photo courtesy of Jody Jones

If you have a roofing question you would like Jody to answer in a future column, please email your question to [email protected].

We asked Jody to give us a little insight as to his journey and experience.

Tell us a little about your journey into the construction and roofing business?

I grew up with my dad and Pawpaw building almost everything that was in our house. My Dad has always been such a “details” man in his craftsmanship. I would be in the workshop during his projects and mostly over to the side, building something with the scraps of wood. Fast forward into my 20’s and it would be me and my dad making all the things for the house in which I live. On the business side of things, I love meeting new people and helping anyone I can. So, it made sense to have a business where I could take all of my past experiences with the things I love, like building & meeting people, and ultimately build Extreme Roofing & Construction.

One of the strengths of your business for homeowners is that you also have an insurance background. How has that experience been beneficial for you while working with homeowners on repairing or replacing a roof?

The importance is monumental. I first became insurance licensed in 2001 and shortly after became an investigator for most all things insurance. The hours, days, weeks, and months I spent in the department of insurance researching policies and insurance laws to find out when policy holders were being cheated by insurance companies has been important in how to help in cases when most feel helpless. My insurance background also allows me to speak with certainty on whether or not someone has a true claim. The last thing someone wants to do is file a claim on something that is not claimable.

I take photos during a roof inspection, which usually lasts 15 to 30 minutes depending on the structure, and explain to the owner in detail what they are seeing in the photos. That gives them a clear understanding of whether to repair a roof or file a claim.

How has roofing changed over the years you have been in the business?

The basics of roofing has remained the same. However, there have been products introduced to the industry that extend the life of a roof protecting it better from the elements and storms. One of my favorite introductions was when synthetic underlayment was brought in as an alternative to felt paper. My team and I are consistently staying up to date on all new products being introduced in the industry, so we can help educate homeowners on what is the best for them and their roof.