Local Politics

May 24th Vote Approaching & Gardendale Now Has 3 Voting Locations

There is a lot on the ballot on May 24th, and Gardendale will vote in places other than the Gardendale Civic Center. There are 3 voting places in Gardendale and where you live will decide what precinct you are in and where you vote.

Gardendale Civic Center is precinct 4010.

Gardendale First Baptist Church (North Campus) is precinct 4005.

Hope Church (formerly Mt. Vernon United Methodist Church) is precinct 4015.

There are maps we could provide, but Alabama’s Secretary of State, John Merrill, has done an excellent job with voting registration over his tenure and you can follow the link below to easily find your precinct and voting location with a few seconds by just typing your address in. It will take 10 seconds and it lays it right out for you.