Apathy Wins in Landslide, Takes 77% of Vote in Jefferson County

You have to hand it to “Apathy.” Apathy wins every election and never spends a dime campaigning. In fact, Apathy doesn’t even campaign. No PAC money spent on Apathy either.

Apathy simply sits back and watches all the millions spent by all the other candidates and chuckles. Apathy smugly sits back and counts on registered voters to believe their vote won’t matter and doesn’t count. Is Apathy right? Does our vote really matter?

Take Jefferson County where Apathy took the entire election by 77%.

In Jefferson County, there are 482,120 registered voters. With 176 precincts counted, there were 107,699 votes cast. That’s 22.34% voter turnout. 47,882 of those were Democrat and 59,598 were Republican. 219 were nonpartisan.

Let’s take a look at a race to see why Apathy laughs all the way through the election season while counting on voters thinking their vote doesn’t count.

On the Democrat Party side of the races, there were two candidates competing for a State House seat for district 47.

Christian Coleman – 601
Jim Toomey – 596

6 votes turn this – 6 votes and Toomey wins the democratic primary.

And Apathy sits there and laughs. Apathy has seen this over and over.

Every vote matters in every race, and even more so in smaller races.

And Apathy couldn’t care less what party in running. Apathy beats all.

Look at another State House race, and this time on the Republican ticket. In the race for State House District 45, Dickie Drake and Susan Dubose came down to 2 votes.

Dickie Drake – 1,199
Susan Dubose – 1201

3 votes completely change the outcome assuming it stays the same when official.

Apathy wins again.

If we want to change our community, our state and our country, every registered voter must vote.

Apathy needs to take a loss. We have another opportunity to do that in less than a month.