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Shoppe The Social Delivers a High End Shopping Experience Right Here at Home

When I walked into Shoppe The Social earlier this week to look for gifts for a retirement party, I was struck by the design of the store and the product lines, but what was evident quickly was the friendliness of Suzanne and Amy and how they cared to make sure I found the absolute right gifts for the occasion. The attention to detail, the gift wrapping and the southern charm and conversation, all came together at once to solidify to me that I had found a store and team that I could call on when I needed to find that perfect gift. Plus, I no longer need to drive over the mountain.

The perfect gifts for any occasion are right here in Mount Olive.

Tell our readers a little about you and your journey to opening Shoppe The Social?

How did The Social come to fruition? Long story, I am a hairstylist and have had a salon in the building for 25 years.  Unfortunately, my landlord passed, and I was fortunate enough to purchase the building.  After the purchase, I had a vacant space available.  I spent countless hours in the empty space and fell in love with the vibe.  A very special friend (Suzanne) and I brainstormed and came up with the idea of a POP-UP consignment store.  It was only meant to be temporary.  We had such a great response that we decided to make it a permanent business.

Amy & Nora May. Photo courtesy of Shoppe The Social

Once I decided to make a go of it, I asked my sidekick, ride or die, best friend, my sister, Nora May, to be my partner. Our name developed because we love to have parties and socialize.  This space is perfect for socializing. We opened up the day after Thanksgiving 2019.  We started with consignment, Carmen Morris’ handmade pottery and our Mama’s Strawberry Jalapeno Jam. We sold out of almost everything during the month of December. Gifts, gifts and more gifts.  We then realized that our area really needed a gift shoppe.  We have now moved away from consignment.  Our specialty shoppe keeps evolving and changing.

You opened in 2019 just before the pandemic. How did that influence your business and what were the challenges with a new business at that time?

During the pandemic shutdown I spent the days in our shoppe selling curbside.  It saved us.  We made it!  After the reopen we noticed a great trend.  People want to shop locally.

You chose Mount Olive for your business. What attracted you to Mount Olive?

My sister and I grew up living in Mount Olive.  We both still live in Mount Olive.   I remember Hughes Hardware being in this spot as a child.  My salon was a barber shop and when it came up for rent, I jumped on it!

Inside Store. Photo courtesy of Shoppe The Social.

You carry a higher end product line that people may expect to see in places like Mountain Brook and Hoover. What is your inspiration for the products you carry and how have your customers embraced your vision for your store?

We wanted to have a place for locals to be able to find nice things, normally found ” Over the Mountain”.  We started out buying 2 of everything.  Our thoughts were, if they don’t sell, we each get to have one! The response has been incredible.

You recently began adding men’s products to your inventory. Do you have a lot of male shoppers? Will you be adding more for men?

We have carried men’s products throughout our journey; but this past Christmas we really stepped it up and offered cool gadgets, quality leather goods, and specialty personal care items. Our male shoppers enjoyed having a “man cave” to shop, while getting gifts for their loved ones (we love getting brownie points for the fellas!)  Our men’s selection of items has grown.  We have been adding items to get ready for Father’s Day.

Suzanne is “Master Wrapper.” Photo courtesy of Shoppe The Social.

You also offer personal shopping and free gift wrapping. That is another special touch for the area. How has that been important in keeping with your vision and also in growing your brand and clientele?

Personal shopping and wrapping developed after a special guy came in and wanted us to shop for him.  He gave us a budget and said, “pick out my wife something special”.  So, we did.  This sweet hubby has some health problems, so Suzanne and I decided we would go buy boxes and wrapping to make his gifts complete.  One stop shop. He loved it and so did his wife.  Suzanne, our “Master wrapper” as I like to call her, can create the most beautiful gifts!  She can take any assortment of items and turn it into a showstopper.  Once you receive one of our beautifully wrapped gifts, The Social has you.

What are your plans moving forward? Any plans for expansion?

Our plans for the future are to go online and have shipping along with free local delivery.   We do have space to expand at some point.  We’ll see!