A Local Gardendale Hotspot Opened This Weekend

Tucked away in a private oasis of trees and away from all the noise of progress is one of the gems of Gardendale. The Mountainview Aquatic Club is a private swim club. It is owned by members and numbers about 260 of them.

It’s one of the best kept secrets in Gardendale, and it’s where you can find local moms taking their kids when school is out and where teenagers come to swim, dive and socialize.

Started in 1977 by local families that wanted a place for them to socialize and the kids to swim, the best part of the Club is that it is private. Just off Fieldstown road at 4633 Oak Drive, it isn’t visible from the road, and you wouldn’t know it was there if you didn’t go specifically looking for it.

That’s perfect. In a sea of “progress” that has Gardendale being heavily developed, the Mountainview Aquatic Club is a throw back to quiet and peaceful tranquility. It’s club life and it is where to be and to be seen.

You can even drop your kids off at the Club and go run errands without worrying about them. Taylor Houchins, a local teacher and coach, manages the Club and John Mark Houchins is over operations.

The Club is the place local teens lifeguard for the summer, and you can find private parties and fun activities all through the summer days.

The fee structure is family friendly in these economic times and well worth the investment.

Sources tell GN that there are even some expansion plans to make the Club even more special.

If you haven’t checked Mountainview Aquatic Club out before, you can take a look at their website here. You can see them on Facebook here.

This is the opening weekend for the Club and it will surely be a hotspot for locals.