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Gardendale Chamber Celebrates its 35th Year With Theme Party

The Gardendale Chamber of Commerce began in 1987 and celebrates its 35th year in 2022. The Chamber’s Executive Director, Heather Lebischak, has been a major force in redefining the Chamber and focusing on highlighting its member businesses and signing new members. She recently earned her Masters Degree from The University of Alabama while focusing on organizational leadership.

Heather Lebischak at her recent graduation from UA. Photo Credit: Heather Lebischak/Facebook Page.

The Chamber has seen a strong growth in new membership this year under Heather’s leadership.

Gardendale Chamber 35th Birthday Party. Image Credit: Gardendale Chamber of Commerce/Facebook Page.

The 80’s theme 35th year “birthday party” will be held on August 23rd from 6-8pm at the Gardendale Civic Center. There is sure to be lots of 80’s music, ripped jeans, big hair (lots of hair spray) and style. For information on how to join or about attending the celebration, you can call the Chamber at 205-631-9195.