The Gardendale News Endorses Katie Britt for U.S. Senate

We have enjoyed the tenure of a long-term and powerful U.S Senator in Alabama, Richard Shelby. Losing a senator of that stature is not to be taken lightly. Sen. Shelby sits on the very powerful Senate Appropriations Committee, where real power and influence are in the U.S. Senate.

Replacing Senator Shelby is no simple task. It will take someone who understands how to excel in that sphere and how to maneuver through both sides of the aisle to get important legislation passed and how to get key projects and spending sent down to Alabama.

Katie Britt has spent her life, in many ways, preparing for the important challenge of fitting the role. Her experience through every phase of her career and the positions she has excelled in, importantly as a powerful Chief-of-Staff to Senator Shelby, gives her gravitas and weight as a candidate, and a deep understanding of how to keep projects and spending coming back to our state.

For those who understand politics, the Chief-of-Staff of a sitting U.S. Senator is, in and of itself, a powerful position of influence, let alone for one as powerful as Richard Shelby.

Katie Britt on recent Gardendale visit. Photo courtesy of Britt for Alabama, Inc.

Katie Britt hasn’t stopped campaigning. She hasn’t stopped visiting every county in Alabama and shaking hands and smiling in every photo. She is tireless and committed and exactly the person that we need to replace a powerful, retiring Sen. Shelby.

We believe Katie Britt has all the acumen and experience of business and politics to fill Sen. Shelby’s seat. What we are getting as a real bonus is someone who cares to visit every town and look folks in the eyes and show she cares about them and the issues they care about.

You could say she is just polished at politics. You have to be to play at that level. But what we believe is that while she is finely tuned at the political game, she is just as much genuine and sincere about making sure the good folks in Alabama are taken care of and heard.

Unless I miss my guess, Katie Britt at some point will also be offered a seat on the powerful Senate Appropriations Committee. When that happens, she has all the experience to understand how to use that seat for the good of Alabama.

This election is not about who would be a competent senator. Rather, this election is about who is best suited to understand how to position him or herself into the position to wield the most influence for The Great State of Alabama over the next 30 years. We believe the choice is clear.

The Gardendale News endorses Katie Britt for U.S. Senate.

Anthony Treye Hanner