Local Politics

City Council Opens the Door For Expanded Liquor Sales in Gardendale

The Gardendale City Council began the process of allowing off premises liquor sales in Gardendale with a “first reading” of Ordinance 2022-010 at last night’s meeting.

Councilman Alvin Currington stated that several businesses had asked the City Council to amend the zoning ordinance to permit off premises sales of alcohol. Currington also noted that the State of Alabama already had something in place like this for restaurants that was implemented during the pandemic to help those businesses stay open.

The first reading of the ordinance is a necessary first step in the process toward approval.

The final step, before a vote by the City Council, will come at the July 19th meeting, where there will be a public hearing and Gardendale residents will have the opportunity to speak out for or against amending the ordinance to expand liquor sales.