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Kathy Caufield Enjoys Capturing Those Special Moments for Families

Tell us a little about you and how you got into photography?

I guess I really have always had an interest in photography, and then once I had kids I invested in a “good” camera.  Like most people, I usually just had the settings set to “auto” because I never took the time to learn how to use it in manual mode.  I started playing with the different modes and eventually learned, with a LOT of help from Google and YouTube, how to make the adjustments to get really great shots.  When my kids started playing ball, I did some “posed’ photo shoots of them and was approached by several moms wanting the same of their kids.  It kind of snowballed from that moment on.

Photo by Kathy Caufield Photography.

What kinds of photography do you offer? What are your favorite kinds of photos to take?

I offer all kinds of sessions for families, upcoming seniors and graduating seniors, athletes, team sports, and pageant and portfolio headshots.   Seniors are my favorite group to work with!  They are so excited to begin their senior year, and then we meet 10 months or so later and they are so excited to be graduating! I just love being able to capture those moments.  Sports and athletes come in at a really close second.  There is lots of room for creativity in those sports sessions.

How long does a photo session take?

Sessions can take anywhere from 15 minutes to 3 or 4 hours, depending on the number of locations and what the client wants.

Photo by Kathy Caufield Photography.

How important is planning the photo session? What is important for folks to plan before a session that helps make it a great shoot and experience?

Planning is essential for photo sessions! For a family of little ones, plan it around their nap schedule, and if they aren’t feeling their best, reschedule if possible.  We really want to capture them at their best! For attire, it is certainly best to coordinate the color scheme.  Stay away from patterns and “busy” outfits.  Light, soft colors tend to work best.  Keep the jewelry and accessories to a minimum. It’s also good to let your photographer know if there are specific poses you would like, but most importantly, BE YOURSELF and just have fun!

You can learn more or get in touch with Kathy Caufield on her Facebook page.