Local Politics

Council Approves Hen Coups for Residential Use in Gardendale

In a 5-0 vote, the Gardendale City Council recently amended the Zoning Ordinance to allow hen coups in residential zones R1, R2 and RG. RG are garden homes and R1 and R2 are single family residential.

According to the ordinance, the size of the pen area will be a maximum of 100 square feet, with a maximum height of 6 feet.

The coup or pen area would also need to be in the rear or backyard area of the home and be surrounded by an “opaque wall or fence area that is at least 6 feet in height.” There will also need to be covering with ventilation and would need to be fenced.

The ordinance notes that hens are “not allowed on duplex, triplex, townhomes, multi-family properties, community gardens, or any other uses.” There is a 4 hen limit and hens may only be kept for personal use, so the owner can’t sell the eggs.