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Council Eases Liquor Zoning Restrictions on 4 to 1 Vote

The Gardendale City Council recently voted 4 to 1 to amend an ordinance and allow businesses zoned C-2 (Community Business District) to sell liquor for off premises consumption. This will include convenience stores and gas stations.

Existing businesses that already sell wine and beer will not automatically be allowed to also sell liquor. According to Melissa Honeycutt, Gardendale City Clerk, some steps will need to be taken by businesses with state agencies and the city council.

Among the various requirements, an applicant will need to apply to the Alcohol Control Board, have a background check, secure a state license, as well as go through the process of getting a city license and having a liquor license approved by the city council.

Robert Ryant, Director of Inspections for the City of Gardendale, says the business will need a separate entrance to the store dedicated to the liquor area and a wall dividing the liquor area from the other parts of the store.

The lone dissenting vote was from Councilman Adam Berendt, who says he voted no due to his personal conviction as to alcohol related ordinances.