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Fultondale Approves Feasibility Study for Future Growth

The new Events Center in Fultondale is a part of a move by the city to satisfy the need for a civic center while lessening the cost to build a new facility. Councilman Josh Bryant says that in the past there wasn’t needed space to host events. “We wanted that. We talked a long time about a civic center, but with construction costs, trying to build something from scratch was outside of our means. What this building allows us to do was go ahead and get a piece of that future civic center.”

Bryant says the city purchased the land next door to the Event Center, so there can be shared parking and growth. He says the city recently approved a research study specifically for recreation. The city partnered with the YMCA on the study to look at recreational opportunities in Fultondale. Bryant says the city is looking for “what makes sense for the area and our citizens. We are hoping to get some good data back on specifically what to do next.”

The study will start within 30 days and the city hopes to get something back in 60 to 90 days, according to Bryant.