Lee Kilgore Promoted to Warrior Fire Chief

Longtime Warrior resident, Lee Kilgore, was recently promoted to Fire Chief for the
Warrior Fire Department by the Mayor and City Council.

Kilgore started as a volunteer for the Warrior Fire Department in 1996 while still in
college at UAB. Kilgore says that he knew on the very first fire call that he had
found his calling. “On my first call, it was in Trafford and the chief gave me and
my buddy a hose to go through a house that had already burned up. He said to
go find hotspots and so we went through the house finding little hotspots of
fire and getting to spray water and that was it. That’s all it took.”

Twenty six years later, Kilgore now finds himself in the position of Fire Chief
in a growing city that believes in focusing on expanding the department.