What Do You Do When it Looks Like God is on the Enemy’s Side

By Dr. Draper Rogers

We are in a day and time where we see things that we have never seen and, quite frankly,
do not want to see. The question before us today is, how can we navigate these turbulent
times?  What can we do?  What can we do when it looks like the enemy is winning and
God’s people are losing?  Now understand this is not true; God’s people have victory over
the enemy!  Psalm 44 offers us a prescription for navigating turbulent times.

From Psalm 44, we have three actions that we, as Christ followers, can take or use during
difficult times. Three actions that we as Christ followers can take or use during difficult
times based on Psalm 44.

You remember the Good times (1-3)
Notice how the Psalmist here starts the Psalm by remembering.  Why?  Because when you
are facing something, you have to remember that God is for you.  You have to remind
yourself that God is a good good Father.  Now one of the things we need to take note of in
this text is the fact that the Psalmist says, “we have heard with… [their] ears, [their]
fathers …told them.”  Who are you telling about your faith, about your God?  If we are
not careful we will forget that we have a responsibility to the generation after us to tell
them about God.

You continue to trust God.  (4-8)

Notice immediately that the Psalmist says, “You are my King…” Is he your King?  Who do
you trust?  Do you trust man, or do you trust God?  Do your trust your wisdom, or do you
trust God?  The Psalmist tells us here whom he trusts (6-8.)  You and I must remember that
we cannot trust our resources because if we do, we will fail.  Sometimes God allows us to be
defeated so that all we have remaining is Him!

You remain faithful.  (9-26)

The Psalmist describes the situation that they are in, and in doing so, he is crying
out to God and telling God how bad things are.  The Psalmist says that although
things are bad, they have not broken the covenant and remain faithful and true
to God.

In verse 23, he asks God not to reject them!  Have you ever cried out to God and
asked him not to reject you? This part of the Psalm is terrible, but the Psalmist
ends with an encouraging note that he knows God has a loyal love which is an
unfailing kind of love.  The Psalmist shows that in the midst of circumstances
and situations, even though he does not understand, he will trust God no
matter what.

Regardless of what you may be facing, you can apply these principles to whatever
it may be.  You remember the good times God has given you, continue to trust
God, and remain faithful to God.