Local Politics

18 Resolutions on Tap for Approval for Gardendale City Council

The Gardendale Mayor and City Council will hold a City Council Meeting tonight at 6pm. The meeting is open to the public. On Tap for the meeting, there are 18 resolutions for approval. The meeting will be held at the Gardendale City Hall.

The resolutions below were taken from a copy provided the Herald of the meeting agenda. The last name after each resolution represents the Gardendale City Councilman presenting the resolution.

Resolution 2022-151 to hire Leisa Whitlow at Library – Colvert
Resolution 2022-152 to hire April Rogers at Library – Colvert
Resolution 2022-153 to hire Laura Wood at Civic Center – Berendt
Resolution 2022-154 to Hire Celena McCarty as Police Officer – Colvert
Resolution 2022-155 Consultant – Court Jennifer Hayes – Colvert
Resolution 2022-156 2023 holiday calendar – Hardman
Resolution 2022-157 Authorize Contract with Terracon at Kenny Clemons Park – Berendt
Resolution 2022- 158 Authorize Contract with Alabama Power at Kenny Clemons Park – Berendt
Resolution 2022-159 Bill Noble Park Parking Agreement – Berendt
Resolution 2022-160 Bill Noble Park AT&T Fiber Installation – Berendt
Resolution 2022-161 Copier Contract Public Works – Hardman
Resolution 2022-162 Authorize renewal of Lease with Pitney Bowes for Postage Machine at Municipal Court – Colvert
Resolution 2022-163 Contract for Public Works Uniforms and Facility Services – Hardman
Resolution 2022-164 Demo Snow Rogers Drive – Knox
Resolution 2022-165 Demo Mountain Drive – Knox
Resolution 2022-166 Rename Bell St to JD Weeks Drive – Knox
Resolution 2022-167 Ad Valorem Tax Expense Ratification for items already budgeted for FY2023 – Hardman
Resolution 2022-168 Surplus Items – Hardman