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Laura Vance of Warrior Elementary Joins Our Teacher Spotlight Series

We welcome Laura Vance to our Teacher Spotlight Series. Laura is a 2nd grade teacher at Warrior Elementary.

Tell us a little about you and how you decided to become a teacher?

Laura Vance: I am a 2nd grade teacher, a mom of two, and love spending time with my family, as well as working with the kids at our church. I live with my husband, Blake, and our kids, Hudson and Hazel, in the Concord area.

I always knew I wanted to be a teacher! It was never a decision I had to consider when deciding on what to do in college to prepare for a career. I had many wonderful teachers who influenced my love of school and wanting to learn.

What is your favorite part of being a teacher?

Laura Vance: My favorite part of being a teacher is making connections with my kids that will last forever. I have so many fond memories of my elementary teachers that impacted me. I hope to instill that same love of learning and joy of school in my students.

Are there special moments where you say to yourself “this is why I teach?”

Laura Vance: Those moments are when you finally see the “lightbulb” click in a student’s mind!

What’s the one thing you would like people to know about teachers?

Laura Vance: Teachers love their students. It is very hard to balance all the things we are required to do, but at the end of the day, know that we have strived to love, teach, inspire, comfort, and build up every child.

If you had one wish for something special for your classroom, what would it be?

Laura Vance: Extra hands for myself!