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Our Q&A With Beau Powers & Colby King of Magnolia Plumbing

Beau Powers and Colby King founded Magnolia Plumbing during the pandemic in 2021. While some would consider the timing challenging to start any business, Powers and King took advantage of their entrepreneurial instincts and years of experience and founded their business in Gardendale.

We caught up with the co-owners of the business to learn more about why they started the business and why they chose Gardendale.

Tell us a little about you and your journey to starting Magnolia Plumbing?

We grew up with plumbing in our back pockets. Plumbing is in both of our families, and we also knew collectively we had a lot of experience on our hands after working years in the industry. We took a leap of faith in 2021 and Magnolia Plumbing was born! We love what the magnolia flower symbolizes for our city and the company.

What made Gardendale special as the place to start your business?

Gardendale is home for us. Growing up here and now raising children in Gardendale we really appreciate what a wonderful city we have. We could not think of a better place to live and work. We wanted to provide a service in the area, and we are really so honored to serve Gardendale and the neighboring cities.

How has the economy affected you as a small business over the last year?

I think the economy has affected everyone in one way or another, especially the last few years. Luckily plumbing service is not something you can really go without in 2023. We still strive to keep prices reasonable and affordable because everyone needs functioning plumbing.

What are the advantages to local folks in using a local plumbing service?

The main advantage of using a local plumbing service is efficiency. We always try to get our customers taken care of the same day they call if time allows. Also, we often know our customers, or their family or neighbors and people can find comfort in knowing they are working with a team they can trust. And hey, we won’t get lost coming to your property.

How do you plan to grow in 2023 and do you cover all of North Jefferson?

We love supporting sports sponsorships with local schools and we think that’s a great way to not only support the youth of our neighboring communities but to also market our business. We will have signs at the baseball and softball fields outside of Gardendale this year and we are excited to be a part of other nearby towns and cities!