Local Politics

Gardendale Council Meeting Agenda for January 17th

The Gardendale City Council meets on Tuesday January 17th at 6pm at the Gardendale City Hall. The agenda items below are taken from a supplied agenda from the City of Gardendale to the Herald.

1. Call to Order

2. Pledge of Allegiance

3. Devotional – TBD

4. Roll Call

5. Approval of Minutes: January 3, 2023 Council Minutes and January 10, 2023 Work Session Minutes

6. Visitors: 3rd and 4th grade teachers from Snow Rogers Elementary

7. Correspondence/Announcements:

8. Approval of Bill List

9. Report from Council Members:
Bryan Knox Dist. 1 Public Utilities/Inspections
Adam Berendt Dist. 2 Parks and Recreation & Economic Development Alvin Currington Dist. 3
Council President; Finance Insurance
Greg Colvert Dist. 4 Public Safety & Library Will Hardman Dist. 5 Public Works

10. Report from Department Heads:
Administration Dept. – Melissa Honeycutt, City Clerk/Finance Director Fire & Rescue Dept. –
Joe Thomas, Fire Chief
Police Dept. – Scott Banks, Police Chief
Inspections Dept. – Robert Ryant, Director
Public Works Dept. – Paul Tidwell, Assistant Director Parks & Rec. Dept. – Dale Hyche,
Civic Center Dept. – Keith Mosley, Director Library Dept. – Connie Smith, Director
Senior Center – Georgieann Pickens, Director Chamber of Commerce – Heather Lebischak,
11. Old Business:

12. New Business:
Announcement that a Bid for Fencing at Bill Noble Park was let and advertised with no bids
received. The city will complete the project with City labor and materials at a cost of $8,280.60.

Amend Ordinance 2020-013 Section 2 to set Regular Council Meeting and Work Sessions to Mondays
instead of Tuesdays. The meeting times will remain at 6:00pm for Council meetings, and work
sessions at 5:30pm – Currington
Resolution 2023-005 Authorize Network Switches and Wireless Access Point and Installation
Contract at Bill Noble Park – Berendt

Resolution 2023-006 Local School Funding Request – UAB Women’s Basketball Education Day bus request
for the 3ʳᵈ grade at Gardendale Elementary School (NEED FINAL AMOUNT, appears to be $528 for 126
kids and 6 teachers) – Knox

Resolution 2023-007 Changing Standing Planning and Zoning meeting Time to 6pm – Currington

Resolution 2023-008 Amend Annual Salary of Mayor’s Assistant – Currington

13. Mayor Comments

14. Public Comments & Other Business

15. Adjourn