Great Cigars Under $10

Joya Silver. Photo courtesy of The Cigar Shop.

Smoking a great quality cigar does not have to break the bank. Here, at The Cigar Shop in Gardendale, we have a wide selection of affordable, tasty cigars. I have chosen just a few to showcase here today, in hopes that you can find one that you will enjoy at a reasonable price.

First on the list is Joya Silver toro priced at $8.69. Joya Silver is perfectly blended using the upper cuttings from the Nicaraguan tobacco plant, with an Ecuadorian wrapper, and a San Andreas, Mexico binder tobacco. The flavor notes may taste sweet and spicy to you. If you have a more sensitive palate, you may be able to taste cherry, spices, and dark chocolate. This is a medium to full bodied cigar, and a very good choice.

Perdomo cigar. Photo courtesy of The Cigar Shop.

Next, we will take a look at Perdomo Lot 23 Connecticut. This cigar is priced at $7.29, and is a mild to medium bodied cigar. It is made from 5-year aged Cuban seed Nicaraguan filler and binder, and a 5-year aged Ecuadorian Connecticut shade wrapper. You may notice a creaminess to this cigar, with cedar and honey flavor notes. Perdomo cigars are consistently good, due to their attention to detail and quality control. Rest assured that if you choose a Perdomo, you are choosing one of the highest quality cigars for an awesome price.

Just a Friend cigar. Photo: The Cigar Shop.

Thirdly, we will discuss the Kentucky Fire Cured Just a Friend. This is a popular favorite for our firefighters and police officers, coming in at a price of $9.19. This cigar is made of Nicaraguan filler tobacco, and a San Andreas, Mexico Maduro wrapper. This cigar is a good one to pair with your favorite scotch or bourbon due to the smoky flavor of the cigar. The process of fire curing tobacco involves hanging the tobacco in a barn to cure, and using a hardwood, like oak, to smoke the tobacco dry.  This infuses the taste of the smoke into the tobacco leaves. Upon opening the package of a Kentucky Fire Cured Just a Friend, the hints of hickory, oak, or maple wood will make you feel as if you have instantly been transferred to a campfire with friends.

Crazy Alice cigar. Photo: The Cigar Shop.

Last, but certainly not least, we will explore Deadwood Tobacco’s Crazy Alice sold by Drew Estates. Crazy Alice’s figurado shape is just as unique as she is. Her Maduro wrapper, binder and filler are all from aromatic Nicaraguan tobacco. Her price is $8.59. This was the very first cigar that I ever smoked. My very first impression of this sweet cigar reminded me of pipe tobacco. There’s an earthiness to this cigar, with leathery tones as well. This is a mild to medium cigar, but very full of flavor. It’s an easy smoke, great for a beginner smoker.

This wraps up my list for now, but this list is really just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to affordable, flavorful cigars. There are so many varieties out there, just waiting to be smoked. Don’t let price be much of a factor when choosing a great tasting cigar. The possibilities are endless, and you just enjoy the ride!

Mary Hall is co-owner of The Cigar Shop in Gardendale, Alabama and a contributor to North Jefferson Magazine.