Proposed Townhouse Development for Moncrief Road Draws Concerns

Homeowners along Moncrief Road have learned that there is a proposed townhouse development on the several acres of land at 1916 and 2020 Moncrief Road. A notice of rezoning has been placed on the property by the City and a public hearing has been set for February 9th at the regular meeting of the Gardendale Planning and Zoning Commission.

Notice of public hearing for the rezoning of land on Moncrief Rd. in Gardendale. Photo: HERALD staff.

The developer, JN Investments, is no stranger to developing in Gardendale and working with Gardendale’s Mayor, City Council and Planning & Zoning Commission members on development.

You can read about JN Investment’s previous Gardendale project HERE.

Social media has been very active with the news and with concerns from residents along Moncrief Road who were already preparing to deal with the heightened activity and traffic from the soon to open and new Bill Noble Park.

A Facebook group has been started called Moncrief Road Residents and Friends for discussion and action on the proposed rezoning.

It wasn’t difficult to see it all coming, it’s the “economic development engine” that is named Bill Noble Park. When you commit the city to a 30 plus million-dollar bond issue for a new park facility, taking sign up money from local youth baseball and softball teams doesn’t pay the note.

That’s why an out of state professional management company was brought in immediately to manage the facility and hire its staff and run it. The City needs a mass of folks flooding in to play tournaments and they need to hit the ground running once the park officially opens in March.

How does Gardendale take advantage of that influx of people and generate cash?  Hotels, short-term rentals, shopping centers, gas stations, banks and more…all around Bill Noble Park.

See my earlier Editorial breaking down the numbers HERE.

What about the proposed townhouses on Moncrief Road? Just the beginning. Savvy landowners and investors have already begun positioning for the massive development of North Gardendale, around Bill Noble Park, that is to come. It will also be felt in Morris and Kimberly and Mount Olive.

February 9th is shaping up to be an important first look at the showdown between those who want massive growth and the Gardendale residents that want to preserve the charm of the current North Gardendale area.

I wrote an Editorial titled Say Goodbye to North Gardendale that discussed where the area is going.

My prediction is that homes will begin being sold to developers sooner rather than later in and around North Gardendale and Bill Noble Park – at a premium to developers and investors. Those folks will move further down the road to Morris or Kimberly.

Planning & Zoning Commission meeting
February 9, 2023 at 6pm
Gardendale City Hall

You can see the names of all members of the Planning & Zoning Commission HERE.