Moncrief Road Resident Opposition Group Grows. Meeting Planned.

This week has seen a flurry of activity for homeowners on and around the Moncrief Rd. area of North Gardendale. Word of plans by a developer, JN Investments, to meet with Gardendale’s Planning & Zoning Commission to discuss rezoning and plans to build townhomes on a tract of land on Moncrief at 1916 and 2020 Moncrief Rd. drew concerns by residents as they quickly mobilized in opposition.

City placed zoning notice on Moncrief Rd. in Gardendale. Photo: HERALD staff.

Concerns over traffic and property values are a concern for residents who oppose the development and a Facebook group page was started for residents to join and come together in opposition as they eye the Planning & Zoning Commission meeting at the Gardendale City Hall on February 9th.

Expect a standing room only crowd at the meeting on February 9th. The meeting starts at 6pm and you may want to get there early to get a seat.

This should also increase likelihood of discussion of the proposed rezoning and, likely, a packed house at the Gardendale City Council meeting on February 6th at 6pm.

At the time of this writing, there are 111 members who have joined the Moncrief Road Residents & Friends Facebook Group.

The development can’t go through as proposed without a rezoning of the land from “Medium Density Residential Use to High Density Residential Use” and from “R1 (Single Family Residential District) to R4 (Townhouse Residential District).”

The Moncrief resident group plans to meet Thursday evening, February 2nd, to discuss how to move forward with their opposition.

The Herald reached out to Gardendale City Councilman Bryan Knox who represents Gardendale district 1, which includes Moncrief. Councilman Knox told the Herald by text that he is out of state at a conference and would not be able to attend tonight’s meeting of the Moncrief group.