Local Politics

Gardendale Council Meeting Agenda for February 6th

Agenda for tonight’s Gardendale City Council meeting that will take place at 6pm at City Hall. Meetings are open to the public and there is a time at the end of the meeting for public comments.

Gardendale City Council Meeting
Monday February 6, 2023, 6:00 pm

1. Call to Order
2. Pledge of Allegiance
3. Devotional – on text AC
4. Roll Call
5. Approval of Minutes: January 17, 2023 Council Minutes and January 24, 2023 Work
Session Minutes and January 31, 2023 Finance meeting
6. Visitors:

7. Correspondence/Announcements:
8. Approval of Bill List
9. Report from Council Members:

Bryan Knox Dist. 1 Public Utilities/Inspections
Adam Berendt Dist. 2 Parks and Recreation & Economic Development
Alvin Currington Dist. 3 Council President; Finance Insurance
Greg Colvert Dist. 4 Public Safety & Library
Will Hardman Dist. 5 Public Works

10. Report from Department Heads:
Administration Dept. – Melissa Honeycutt, City Clerk/Finance Director
Fire & Rescue Dept. – Joe Thomas, Fire Chief
Police Dept. – Scott Banks, Police Chief
Inspections Dept. – Robert Ryant, Director
Public Works Dept. – Paul Tidwell, Assistant Director
Parks & Rec. Dept. – Dale Hyche, Director
Civic Center Dept. – Keith Mosley, Director
Library Dept. – Connie Smith, Director
Senior Center – Georgieann Pickens, Director
Chamber of Commerce – Heather Lebischak, Director

11. Old Business:
12. New Business:
Approve Parade Permit For Opening Day of Bill Noble Park on March 11, 2023

Resolution 2023-010 Hire Garrett Boger as a Part-time Laborer at the Civic Center – Berendt
Resolution 2023-011 Hire Marcella Lewis as a Full time labor at Municipal Court – Colvert
Resolution 2023-012 Hire Georgieann Pickens as Senior Center Director – Berendt
Resolution 2023-013 Authorize Copier Contract with Xerox for Equipment and Managed Print
Services at Bill Noble Park – Berendt
Resolution 2023-014 Authorize Agreement with Blackwater Technologies for Fire system
installation and Fire Monitoring at Bill Noble Park – Berendt
Resolution 2023-015 General Fund Budget Amendment for FY 2023 for revenue and
expenditures not previously realized in the budget year.
Resolution 2023-016 Local School Funding –- Knox
Resolution 2023-017 Surplus Items (Library)
Resolution 2023-018 Changing the Council Meeting Dates in the 2023 Calendar Year Due To
Holiday Conflicts – Currington

13. Mayor Comments
14. Public Comments & Other Business
15. Adjourn