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Soccer in Full Swing at GHS

It’s a big week of matches for varsity soccer at GHS, beginning tonight at Driver Stadium.

GHS Varsity Boys Soccer Seniors. Photo Credit: Vickie Unlap-FOD Sports.

GHS Varsity Boys in action tonight at 5:30pm at home against Jasper. They will also gravel to Woodlawn on Thursday, February 16th.

A shout out to this season’s seniors:

Joseph Price (Captain)
Carter Nelson
Elvis Vargas
Alonso Candidio
Chris Bates
Zade Edgecombe
Gael Chacon
Alexis Cruz

GHS Varsity Girls Soccer Seniors 2023. Photo Credit: Vickie Unlap-FOD Sports.

The GHS Varsity Girls are also at home tonight to face Pinson Valley at 7:30pm.


Kathryn Grace Jones (Captain)
Makayla Nix (Captain)
Hannah O’Laire
Reece Donald




Main Photo Credit: Gardendale High School Soccer Facebook Page/Brenna Beard Powell.