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Katie King Brings Healthy Option to Gardendale’s Growing Restaurant Scene

Lifelong Gardendale resident and Gardendale High School alum, Katie King, has turned a passion for nutrition, healthy living and charcuterie tables and boards into a new restaurant in Gardendale called Graze Together. There is a lot of buzz around the opening and we caught up with Katie to get a little more of her story.

Tell us about you and your journey to opening Graze Together.

Graze Together Team. Photo: Caleb Shaver.
Graze Together Team. Photo: Caleb Shaver.

My name is Katie King and I have been married for almost 11 years to my husband, Colby. We have 4 kids and you’ll learn their names very quickly if you come in to the shop! I have grown up in Gardendale my whole life and I am a Gardendale alumnus. On top of being a business owner, I am also a CrossFit coach and nutritionist.



I started off making charcuterie tables and boards for friends and family about 3 years ago. I have learned a lot over the years and decided I love doing it show much, why not make money off it! So, I started a grazing table and charcuterie board business, Graze Together. And it’s grown from that!

What made you decide on opening in Gardendale?

I have lived in Gardendale my whole life so what better place to open!

How did you decide on your menu?

I love finding healthy and quick options. I am big on clean ingredients and eating whole foods. I saw that that option was lacking in this area. So, I decided that it would be a good fit to have clean smoothies and healthy wraps!

How is the catering part of your business?

For the catering side, you can book me for any events or get together you have. I have done everything from weddings to business meetings. I have options for date night boards for 2 or enough to feed 200 people! You make it what you want.

What are your hours and do you have plans to expand in the future?

My current hours are Monday through Saturday 10-2pm. My plans right now are to open once a week at night for the work crew who can’t come during the day and then to have a different themed event once a month!

Graze Together is located at 243 Fieldstown Rd. in Gardendale. You can learn more on their Facebook page.