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Wife, Mom & Successful Lawyer – Meet Jillian Lewis Graham

Tell us about you and your journey to becoming a lawyer.

I am an extrovert, and I absolutely love working with people. I have been married 6 years to my husband, Matt. We have two beautiful boys, ages 5 and 1. We love boating and fishing on the Lake, grilling with family and friends, and spending time at the Beach. I went to college at Bevill State, and then graduated from The University of Alabama, Birmingham majoring in Psychology with a minor in Human Resources Management.

Throughout college and after graduation, I worked as a Human Resource Manager in a lot of different environments including office sales, poultry plants, plumbing warehouses, and auto manufacturing plants. I always enjoyed working and meeting with different attorneys. I had the opportunity to learn new laws and achieve compliance in many different areas.

Jillian Lewis Graham. Photo: Frank Carnaggio.

Shortly after marrying my husband, we were attending our church, Church of the Highlands. I felt that God was leading me to make a difference in the lives of others in a different and bigger way. I was encouraged to “Be the change.” My Mother is an Alumni of Birmingham School of Law, and I felt that it was the best choice. I started attending night classes at Birmingham School of Law, and we had our first child while I was in my first year of school. I served on the top trial team at BSL, and I had an amazing experience there. I graduated with Honors and passed the Alabama State Bar in 2020.

Your firm is located in Gardendale. What made you choose Gardendale to open your firm?

My husband and I lived in Fultondale when we got married. We have always loved the Gardendale area. When choosing where to practice, I wanted to choose a central location to allow my practice to target multiple areas. Gardendale was the perfect choice for my firm. I am from Cordova, and I knew I wanted to be somewhere that was easily accessible. I have clients that come from Walker, Jefferson, Blount, and Cullman counties with a short commute. Gardendale is growing and such a fun place to be. I have enjoyed getting to know more people in the area.

What types of legal issues do you specialize in and why do you feel passionately about focusing on them?

My law firm is a general practice. I practice in a broad range of civil and criminal matters including Family Law, Divorce, Estate Planning, Probate, Personal Injury, Contract Law, and Criminal Defense. Family Law and Custody is an area I enjoy. I am very passionate about being a mother, and I feel that I am able to relate to my clients’ needs and advocate for their children in a special way.

I also enjoy Estate Planning. Lewis Graham Law specializes in drafting Wills, Power of Attorney documents, Living Wills, and other important documents. We offer virtual services for busy clients and mobile notary services, which I have found is a much needed and appreciated service for clients. I am also the prosecutor for the City of Cordova.

I always strive to make a difference, and I am passionate about creating awareness regarding the drug pandemic. One of my favorite parts of being a prosecutor is helping people struggling with addiction and connecting others with adequate resources regarding rehabilitation and recovery. It also has strengthened my expertise in different areas of my practice.

What geographic areas do you focus on as to your clients and practice?

I practice in many different counties in Alabama, which I believe adds unique experience and expertise. My family and I currently live in Hayden. I serve the Hayden and surrounding area, Gardendale area, and surrounding counties including Walker, Jefferson, Blount, Cullman, and others.

Any plans in the future to grow your practice?

I absolutely love being a wife and a mother to my two beautiful boys. Starting my own firm has given me the honor and blessing of being able to work and provide for our family, but also have flexibility to be present with my children. My strengths are providing quality and honest legal services and communicating often and thoroughly throughout the process. This leads to satisfied clients, which is something I strive for. I plan to grow the practice in the future, and I look forward to being able to help many more in the years to come.

*Main Photo: Shannon Layton with Studio 19