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Wendy’s Targets Gardendale For New Location

Gardendale has been without a Wendy’s location after the closure of the former location that is now set to become an independent coffee shop and Tesla Supercharger location. However, this doesn’t mean that Wendy’s doesn’t see Gardendale as a city of interest under a new initiative.

Image Courtesy of Wendy’s.

A representative of Wendy’s told the Herald that the company now has a “Build-to-Suit” development fund and that it “is one facet of Wendy’s latest franchise recruitment initiative, Own Your Opportunity. Build-to-Suit provides a capital-light way for interested franchise candidates to become part of the Wendy’s system. Through Build-to-Suit, Wendy’s secures and builds restaurant locations and hands over turnkey solutions to franchisees. The Company is currently recruiting franchise candidates in the Birmingham area, including Gardendale, to take ownership of a new Wendy’s restaurant.”

“Wendy’s has identified Gardendale as a prime area for new restaurant development. The Company is looking to connect with individuals in Gardendale who are passionate about Wendy’s and restaurant ownership, and preferably have restaurant and/or hospitality experience, local market knowledge, and a strong willingness to learn and practice the Wendy’s business model.”

For those missing a local Wendy’s, this is good news. It may also be a great opportunity for a local entrepreneur to take advantage of the Build-to-Suit program Wendy’s is offering.

*Image Credit: Wendy’s.