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What’s The Top Elementary School in North Jefferson County?

The Herald used recently released data from the Alabama Department of Education’s annual State Report Card and used it to compare seven public elementary schools in North Jefferson County.

We compare Bryan Elementary (Bryan), Mount Olive Elementary (MOE), Bagley Elementary (Bagley), Warrior Elementary (WES), Gardendale Elementary (GES), Snow Rogers Elementary (SRE) and Fultondale Elementary (FES) as to how each did according to the scoring system used by the Alabama Department of Education that is based on “state accountability indicators” and “school quality and success indicators.”

Bryan Elementary is first among the seven public elementary schools in North Jefferson with an overall “A” score. Mount Olive Elementary is a close 2nd.

Our first set of data will show where each school falls within the indicators scored on the State Report Card. The 2nd set will show each school ranked by that scoring model.

Image: The North Jefferson Herald
Photo: Bryan Elementary School Facebook Page.