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Local Middle Schools All B’s With Corner Middle on Top

The Herald used recently released data from the Alabama Department of Education’s annual State Report Card and used it to compare three public middle schools in North Jefferson County.

We compare Corner Middle, Bragg Middle and North Jefferson Middle (NJM) as to how each did according to the scoring system used by the Alabama Department of Education that is based on “state accountability indicators” and “school quality and success indicators.”

It should be noted that the three middle schools are very close and it could be reasonably argued are in a statistical tie. However, in the spirit of our compilation, we present the numbers in comparison for the 2021-2022 school year.

Our first set of data will show where each school falls within the indicators scored on the State Report Card. The 2nd set will show each school ranked by that scoring model.

Image: The North Jefferson Herald.
Image: The North Jefferson Herald.
Photo: Corner Middle School Facebook Page.