The Herald Gives a Gold Star to the Kimberly City Council

This week, I was looking for an individual email address for a local city’s councilman and it wasn’t on the official city website. There were 5 city councilmen and none of their individual email addresses were on their city’s website.

And so, this sent me on a search of the official websites of Warrior, Fultondale, Morris, Kimberly and Gardendale in search of which cities listed individual email addresses for residents to email their city council members.

4 of the 5 had none.

I figured I must be mistaken and so I went back to each city website to check again for where they may be located that wasn’t on the actual “city council” page of each website. No luck.

Out of the 5 city websites, only Kimberly listed individual email addresses for its council members and very prominently displayed.

Not only that, but the 5 city council members actually list non-city email addresses. They are either personal or business addresses. It can’t get much more transparent than that.

Well done Kimberly and Kimberly City Council. This is a great example of good government. We believe that every resident and citizen of a city deserves to be able to go to his or her city’s website and easily get an email address for his or her city council member.

That’s good government.

Gold Star to the City of Kimberly and the Kimberly City Council.