A Hidden Gem for Nearly 50 Years in Gardendale

For 46 years, tucked back from all the noise of the city, the Mountainview Aquatic Club has been the place to be in Gardendale during the summer.

Started in 1977 by local families that wanted a place for their kids to swim and for the adults to socialize, the Club still delivers after nearly half a century.

The Club is located at 4633 Oak Drive (just off Fieldstown Rd.), but is not visible from the road. It’s private and peaceful.

Taylor Houchins, a local teacher and coach, manages the Club during the summer and his brother John Mark oversees operations.

Mountainview Aquatic Club is a favorite place for local teens to get a summer job as a life guard, and the Club has a steady stream of food trucks, private parties and fun activities for members and their guests all summer long.

The Club also offers swimming lessons.

Memberships are still available and you can get the information on the Mountainview Aquatic Club website or their Facebook page here.

The Club opened on Memorial Day weekend for the summer.