Edmonds Promotion is Another Step for Morris Fire & Rescue Transition

Morris Fire Chief Mike Prisoc continues to prove a great asset to the folks in the City of Morris as he leads Morris Fire & Rescue from an “all volunteer” Department to a combination of volunteer and paid positions.

Chief Prisoc told the Herald that his Department has seen a lot of growth and changes over the last 18 months. Prisoc said that “Those changes are sparked from visions of our city leaders. First was hiring a full time Chief. The staffing changes from starting point till today have also changed, we’ve added 24/7 personnel. Along with growth comes leadership.”

Chief Prisoc recently continued transitioning Morris Fire by promoting Wynder Edmonds to Lieutenant.

Prisoc said that “Wydner’s dedication to Morris is one of the reasons he was chosen for his promotion,  He also  continues to educate himself by classes and training.
He’s always going the extra mile to make our Department better.”Main Photo: Morris Fire & Rescue Facebook Page.