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Local Favorite: Baja California Consistently Delivers

Where do the movers and shakers of Gardendale dine for lunch and dinner?

Baja California.

Centrally located next to Walgreens on Main St. and just walking distance from City Hall and a short drive from the police station and court building, Baja has been the go to local favorite for many in Gardendale for years.

On any given day, you will find local politicians, city and government leaders, business people and everyone else dining at the local hot spot.

Baja Chicken & Rice. Photo: Herald Staff.
Baja California Chicken & Rice. Photo: Herald Staff.

What makes this mexican restaurant such a local favorite?

Great food (delivered fast) – Yes.
Solid portions for the price? Yes.
Great service? Yes!
Friendly to customers? Yes.

But what we really love and what is just as important as any of those is…consistency.

Baja has been a “go-to” for the Herald for a long time and it has a permanent spot on our “local favorites list,” simply because Baja delivers on all 5 of these every time we go.

Within seconds of sitting down your chips and salsa hit the table. We recommend you go ahead and ask for the cheese dip. It’s a must and the chicken and Rice (our favorite) are a generous lunch portion (see photo).

Going out to eat isn’t cheap. You want great service and good portions of food for the price of the meal.

Baja delivers and we appreciate it.