Local Politics

Council Approves $653k for New Parks & Rec Maintenance Shop

The Gardendale City Council approved Resolution 2023-101 at their July 10th meeting. The Resolution gives Mayor Stan Hogeland the authorization to accept the proposal from Parker Building Services for the construction of a new Parks & Recreation Maintenance Shop at Kenny Clemons Park on Fieldstown Rd.

The project will cost a maximum of $653,925.00 and, according to Mayor Hogeland, was originally slated to be built at the new Bill Noble Park before residents concerns and parking concerns.

Parker Building Services was awarded the contract through the City’s public bidding of the project.

In other Council news, Resolution 2023-103 was approved to provide funding for Gardendale High School for an Ice Maker and Bin for $9,953.95 and $4,588.07 to GHS for volleyball program expenses.

The local school funding comes from the Ad Valorem Tax account that many locally refer to as the 5-Mil Property Tax account.