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JEFCOED Adds Security Measures for Events

With recent safety concerns at high school sporting events, the Jefferson County School District has installed new security measures for District schools.

District Superintendent Dr. Walter Gonsoulin in a recent JEFCOED Journal noted that the measures “should not be viewed as a complete list of changes. More are still possible as security is an on-going and ever changing discussion.”

Gonsoulin also noted that there are “other security protocols that we simply can’t discuss.”

As listed in the JEFCOED Journal, the new measures include:

  • Additional law enforcement officers at JEFCOED stadiums.
  • School Resource Officers attending games will be equipped with handheld metal detectors that can be used if needed.
  • Weapon detection devices are being ordered. These will be portable and can be set up at different stadiums. They will be used on an as needed basis. Decisions about usage will be made based on discussions between myself, the district leadership team, the school’s principal, and law enforcement. If devices are used it does not necessarily mean that there is a threat. We might bring them out simply because we expect larger than normal crowds, and we feel the need for additional layers of security.
  • Principals have been instructed to review safety procedures and policies at athletic events. This includes everything from how fans enter venues to the strategic placement of school leaders and school resource officers to provide adequate supervision.