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Gardendale Council Approves Pay Increases

After a first reading of Ordinance 2023-007 at the previous Council meeting, the Gardendale City Council on Monday September 5th approved the Ordinance that ushers in pay increases to take effect in 2025 after the next local municipal election for Mayor and City Council seats.

The next Mayor of Gardendale will take office with a new salary of $85,500 per year or $7,125 per month.

The City Council members elect one of their own to serve as Council President and that member will make $22,500 per year or $1,875 per month.

The members will further vote on one of their own to serve as Council President Pro Tem, who will perform the Council President duties if needed, and that member will receive a $18,900 per year salary or $1,575 per month.

The remainder of the 3 Council members will make $18,000 per year each or $1,500 per month each.

All have access to the excellent health plan in place for Gardendale city employees.

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