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Bill Noble Park to Get Full Camera Surveillance

The Gardendale Police Department has been working diligently for approval of top of the line surveillance cameras and tag readers at the new Bill Noble Park.

Safety is a concern with a facility like Bill Noble Park that draws hundreds of people on a daily basis and thousands over a weekend for tournaments. With the growth of Gardendale and the Park being a hot spot for kids and teenagers, the GPD will have 4 camera units (SEE PHOTO) that, once built and installed, will give them complete sight of the entire facility.

Once complete each unit will each have 3 cameras and a tag reader. The GPD will be able to see video of all areas of the Park and also have the ability to capture license plate photos to help in tracking down any law breakers.

The camera and tag reader units are currently being specially built and should be ready to install soon. The one you see at the Park today is on loan from the County until Gardendale’s are built and ready.

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