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Fultondale’s Amanda Reid Earns Certifications

Amy Reid, Administrative Assistant for the City of Fultondale, added to her growing list of certifications from last September (above photo) with two additional certifications that she was awarded by the Personnel Board of Jefferson County.

Reid earned certificates in Leading People and Professional Development. According to the Personnel Board, the Leading People Certificate “is designed for current (and aspiring) supervisors to develop the necessary skills to lead the people on their team.  This program covers topics such as communication skills, the art of delegation, and conflict resolution, and it is essential for those who have the desire to move from manager to leader.”

Graduates of the Professional Development Certificate Program develop skills that help them “be the best possible employee they can be.  Sessions cover topics such as personal branding, networking, professionalism, and public speaking.  Employees successfully completing this program will have a solid foundation to build upon as they continue their career path in local government.”

Reid was recognized at a ceremony at the Irondale Civic Center on September 30th.