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Fultondale Gets Tough on Weeds

The Fultondale City Council approved Ordinance 689 at its regular session on September 12th. The ordinance takes a tougher stance on overgrown grass and weeds within residential and commercial lots in the City and seeks to speed up the process of “Weed Liens.”

Ordinance 689 notes that the Council believes that “an abundance of overgrown grass or weeds within a municipality may be injurious to the general public health, safety, and general welfare by providing breeding grounds and shelter for rats, mice, snakes, mosquitos and other vermin, insects and pests.”

The Council further noted within the Ordinance its concern that overgrown grass and weeds may be a potential fire hazard.

The Council focused on speeding up the process of declaring a lot a public nuisance as it is concerned about maintaining property values and the public welfare.

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